3D Hospital Wayfinder and Management System

Project “3D Hospital Wayfinder and Management System” has been supported by Estonian-Norway joint-programme Norway Grants “Green ICT programme”.

Project timeline is August 2020 till January 2023.

Project’s focus is developing web-based software service for healthcare operations (e.g. hospitals) facility’s floor-plan visualization in 3D with universal API for collecting different real-time data and showing it in 3D floor-plans, in order to:

1) Collect real-time data and display it in 3D floor plans. The data collected includes: patient status, to-do lists with predefined time forecasts, inputs from various sensors from devices and nurses to determine working time and condition, positioning of moving objects, etc.

2) Provide indoor positioning for hospitals for mobile devices. Positioning can be used by visitors, patients, and staff alike.

Along with positioning, the software allows you to find the optimal path to the destination you are looking for (such as a radiology office or a specific ward).

3) Enable patients and visitors to communicate faster and more conveniently with the healthcare organization (hospitals in particular). Including a possibility for self-check-in, getting operative information based on location (e.g. meal times, etc.).

Developed software will be used to better monitor and improve the efficiency of healthcare services – providing real-time overview of important integrated data and visualization of past data. The software enables location-based information including positioning, route finding in buildings, etc.

The software can also be used for the benefit of patients and visitors, providing users with convenient route guidance based on 3D maps with self-check-ins.

Project is supported by Estonian-Norway joint-programme „Green ICT“. Support amount is 393 000,00 euros.

Project partners are:

3D Technologies R&D AS

Easy Touch & LED AS

Contact persons:

Kaspar Koov (email: kaspar.koov@3dwayfinder.com)

Stian Sæther-Larsen (email: stian@easy-touch.no)

Kaspar Koov


Stian Sæther-Larsen